Q. How will You dress for our appointment ?

A. I  love dressing up and have a very versatile wardrobe. If there is  something you request please let me know. You can be assured that I will  arrive  classy and never wear questionable attire.If  something risque is desired I can arrive discretely and change into  something more provocative once we are together  in private. Feel free  to let me know your request and the occasion and I will be prepared. You  can rest assured  knowing that I will always dress discreet in public  settings 

Q.Are your pictures real? Will you send me more?

A. Absolutely!  I do not believe in false promotion. They are real and recent to show  you what I look like now, not yesterday or what I hope to attain. I  am selective about the information and the photos I release into  cyberspace. Therefore for my own personal privacy I dont send out  private pictures to clients or anyone else without a prearranged  agreement . 

Q.Do you accept credit cards or any other methods of payment?

A. I  value privacy and only accept cash. If you have other currency besides  USD please adjust the exchange rate to be equal to the US dollar. 

Q.How do I give you your donation ?

A. If  we are alone please provide leave your  donation in an envelope in  plain site when I arrive. If we are in public feel free to hand it to me  in a magazine,gift bag, book or slip it in my purse discreetly. That  way we are both at ease and can begin to enjoy each others company! 

Q.Do You Travel?

A. Yes!   I love to travel . Aside from when I tour I have a busy personal and  private life so please take that into account and give me at least 5  days notice when planning travel with me. If that's possible then I'll  always  welcome travel engagements. Also with enough notice, I can fly  to meet you anywhere. (50% deposit,airline and hotel accommodations  required at booking)  I have a valid US Passport, and am available for  international travel as well. I love trying new things  and am always  looking for the opportunity to improve my language skills and cultural  awareness. 

Q.Are you GFE?  Do you provide XYZ services?

A. I  think everyone is entitled to choose how they express themselves  sexually. With that being said I am personally not a GFE provider. I've  noticed a growing trend of providers and clients  who seem very willing   to engage in risky pleasures and disregard safety during their  sessions. I respect my health and the health of my clients  and always  will practice safety if as two consenting adults we become intimate.   I've also noticed on the boards  clients casually tossing around  sexually themed acronyms that remind me of childish high school text  messages

I  believe that the exploration of our sexual and mental chemistry goes  well beyond any particular acts. I enjoy really getting to know my  clients and forming long term friendships.
If  you are the type of gentlemen that comes to our session preoccupied  with a mental "To Do"checklist of sexually themed acronyms, chances are  we are not a good match. Thank you in advance for  refraining from  conversations of this nature during our communication

Q.I can't afford your rates, can we negotiate or do a shorter session?

A. I  genuinely  like to get to know the people I choose to see and therefore I  encourage longer  bookings. My prices are non negotiable and the   minimum engagement would begin with an hour. 

Q.Do you see couples ?

A. Absolutely! Two is always better than one! Just let me know ahead of time how you would like the evening to go.Please add $150 per hr booked to my normal rate structure for couples